Guiding principles are a set of fundamental beliefs of the organization. These core values are the motivating force behind all decision making. The guiding principles of the Community Services Coordination Network are as follows:

  • Access to services, supports and resources should be based on a fair and equitable process;
  • The process should simplify access for individuals and families and lead to rational decisions;
  • Feedback from individuals and families is central to ensuring quality and effectiveness;
  • Access to internal review and an appeals mechanism is a fundamental right of individuals and families;
  • An individual with complex needs requires a broadly based approach and should be viewed as a shared responsibility of the entire community;
  • Integration of services within a continuum of services should be achieved through complementary linkages and coordination;
  • The CSCN process should perform an advocacy role with respect to needs on an individual and global basis; and
  • As much as possible, the needs of individuals and families should be met within their own community;
  • Residential and specialized care resources are limited and should be used effectively and efficiently.
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