The WrapAround process exists to improve the lives of individuals, children and families with complex multiple needs. The philosophy of WrapAround encourages family choice, family ownership and family determination.

The ultimate goal is for all children and families with complex multiple needs to benefit from an integrated system of care with a family driven, team guided plan (One Family, One Plan, One Focus).

WrapAround is a team-based planning process intended to provide individualized, coordinated, family-driven care that will meet the complex needs of children and their families. Children that benefit from participating in the WrapAround process are often involved with several child and family serving systems (e.g. mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and special education). This can include children who are at risk of placement in residential based programs, and who experience emotional, behavioural, or mental health difficulties.

The WrapAround process requires that families, service providers, and key members of the family's social support network collaborate to build a creative plan that responds to the particular needs of the child and family. Team members then implement the plan and continue to meet regularly to monitor progress and make adjustments to the plan as necessary. The team continues its work until members reach consensus that a formal WrapAround process is no longer needed.

The values associated with WrapAround require that the planning process itself, as well as the services and supports provided, are individualized, family driven, culturally competent and community based. Additionally, the WrapAround process should increase the "natural supports" available to a family by strengthening interpersonal relationships and utilizing other resources that are available in the family's network of social and community relationships.

WrapAround is intended to be "strength based," helping the child and family to recognize, utilize, and build talents, assets, and positive capacities.

The WrapAround process is guided by the following principles:

It is unique from traditional services in that:

  • The family directs the plan
  • The plans that are developed are flexible and unique to each family
  • Plans that do not meet the needs of the family are changed

The individual/family always has:

  • A choice about the services they receive
  • A voice in the manner in which they receive services
  • Ownership of decisions that affect their lives

The Community Services Coordination Network is the lead agency for the WrapAround process in this area. The WrapAround process is offered as an option, when appropriate, to children and families in London-Middlesex, and in Oxford and Elgin counties.

Access to the WrapAround process is gained through the CSCN Resolution process for children.

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