One of the key functions performed by the Community Services Coordination Network is the coordination of access to various services and supports for children and adolescents with complex needs, who may require a response from more than one service provider.

The CSCN children's services catchment area includes Elgin County, Huron County, London-Middlesex, Oxford County, and Perth County.

Participation in the CSCN process is required for children and adolescents seeking admission to a residential based treatment program (funded by the Ministry of Health) or to the WrapAround process.

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Our role is to link individuals and families to appropriate services and supports in their community. The CSCN coordinated access process is intended to augment, not replace, the good planning that is done by families and service providers across the area.

CSCN does not provide direct service. We are part of a planning process that includes the individual, their family and various service providers.

In order to begin the access process at CSCN, an Access Package is completed with the child and his or her family. In most instances, an employee of an agency, with whom the child and family is currently involved, completes this package.

For additional information please call the CSCN London office to speak with a Children's Services Intake Worker.

Service Area

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