“It is our job to explain them to the world, not explain the world to them” 

~ Donna Debolt

Our Service:

  • The Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Service Coordination through the Community Service Coordination Network funded by the Ministry of Children and Community Services (MCCS)
  • FASD Service Coordinators provide support for families and individuals living with suspected or diagnosed FASD.
  • We support families with children and youth up until age 18 or 21 if they are enrolled in a publicly funded school program.
  • Families must live in London/Middlesex, Elgin/Oxford, Huron/Perth.
  • For more information about our service click here: What is FASD Service Coordination

FASD Diagnosis:

  • If you are a family, seeking a diagnosis of FASD Service Coordinators can assist with navigating the diagnosis pathway in your area
  • Please refer to the current Canadian Diagnostic Guidelines for more information about the Diagnostic requirements and process. Click Here


  • FASD Service Coordinators offer FASD education through our Informative presentations to our community partners, families, and schools.
  • For more information on our presentations click here: FASD Presentation


  • FASD Service Coordinators offer consultation services for our community partners in which we can assist with reviewing FASD interventions and resources.
  • For consultation, please contact CSCN and ask to speak to a Children’s intake Worker at 519.438.4783. You will need:
    • Contact information for the family, including names, birthdate (of the child or youth) address, phone number and email address.
    • Confirmation that an FASD is suspected or diagnosed
    • If you are not the Parent / Guardian, we require that the family is aware of, and agrees with the referral
    • Any additional information that you can provide to help guide our service delivery.



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